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Thinking of buying or selling a property in Etters, PA? Smith Top Team Realtors are at your service!

We’re a father-son real estate duo based in Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and we have attained 5-Star ratings by consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. We have more than 40 years of collective experience working in Central Pennsylvania’s real estate market. Our wealth of knowledge combined with our experience enables us to outperform our competitors and give our clients the services they deserve. 

Share your real estate goals with us and let Smith Top Team get to work!


Our Strategy

We’re a full-service real estate team that offers exceptional real estate strategies backed by effective marketing techniques that are tailored to each client. We believe our use of cutting edge marketing strategies is what helped us earn the “Top Team” title!

We’ve been rewarded several times for our accomplishments in the Etters real estate market. We’re experts at backing our strategies with powerful marketing techniques that maximize the exposure of our client’s listing on all relevant channels. 

Our extensive experience in formulating aggressive and inventive marketing solutions allows us to utilize a range of available real estate platforms to enhance visibility and increase the chances of sale. 

You can trust us to put our all into maximizing exposure of your home’s listing to potential buyers that are preapproved and actively searching for houses like yours. 

Strategic Pricing

Our strategy consists of two main components:

1) Setting a strategic price that appeals to buyers but secures your profit too

2) Developing and implementing a robust marketing plan tailored to your needs

Our existing knowledge of Etters real estate landscape combined with current market research enables us to share up-to-date and accurate information with our listing clients that helps them make informed decisions about their properties. 

We aim to work together with our clients to develop and implement a pricing strategy that guarantees results. 

Ongoing Communication

Real estate transactions can’t go smoothly without clear and continuous communication between agents and clients. Smith Top Team values ongoing communication and complete transparency. 

When a client hires us, their goals become ours. Just like you, we also want to sell your property for the highest price! And we’ll make sure we do it within the set time frame!

Real estate strategies aren’t set in stone. They need to adjust according to fluctuations in the market. The strategy we recommend for your listing will have to be tweaked based on the needs of the market. 

We make sure you’re on the same page as us throughout the process. We’ll provide you with regular feedback and keep you updated with what’s going on the market. 

Our Services

Real Estate Listing and Marketing Specialists

We’re proud specialists in Etters, PA real estate! Our aggressive approach to selling clients’ properties keeps us ahead of our competition. 

With our unique strategies we maximize your listing’s online visibility and ensure that buyers pick your properties over others. 

Nowadays the internet is the first place buyers look for properties. We pull all strings to make sure your property is easy to find!

Your property listings will be posted on hundreds of real estate websites that attract the most traffic. We pay for increased exposure on popular real estate platforms like Trulia, and Zillow. 

We don’t believe in targeting buyers; it’s the buyers’ agents that we’re after. Our goal is to attract them on all relevant channels and encourage them to bring their pre-approved buyers to us!

Over the course of our many years in business, we’re built a vast network of buying agents in Etters, PA. When you work with Smith Top Team, you can rest assured that all leading buying agents are made aware of your property listings!

What’s makes us so different? We cover all associated marketing – including professional photography of your property!

Buyer Services

Smith Top Team provides comprehensive home-buying solutions. Our process begins with a meeting with buyers in which we define their goals. 

We’ll then refer you to an experienced mortgage lender who will advise you on financing options that can get you preapproved and ready to make a purchase!

Once you’re preapproved, we use our “House Hunter” program to search for listings that match your budget and requirements. The program works in real-time and notifies us whenever a new listing matching your criteria comes into the market. 

When you’ve decided on a property that you like, we use our negotiation techniques to get you the best price. From the initial conversation to the closing, we’ll provide you expert guidance.

In return of our services, we charge a small fee of just $395. 

Estate Sales - Executor / Personal Representative

Did you unexpectedly become the Executor/Personal Representative of an estate in Etters, PA? Contact Smith Top Team today!

Selling an estate can get incredibly complicated if you aren’t well-versed in the procedure and that’s where our expert advice comes in handy. 

We’ll guide you through the process. We can connect you with our strategic partners to make your life a little easier. 

The process will begin with a free consultation where we discuss your goals. 

Based on what you want to do with the property, we’ll present simple solutions that consist of the following:

  • Setting a price on the property and listing it on relevant platforms
  • Removing unwanted items 
  • Making necessary repairs and improvements needed to sell the property
  • Calling auction companies that give you immediate cash for any valuables 
  • Finding trustworthy cash buyers who are will give you a decent price for your property

Smith Top Team are experts in Etters, PA estate and probates. Want to sell your estate quickly without any trouble? Contact Smith Top Team Realtors at (844) TOP-TEAM today.

Call Smith Top Team, Etters, PA Real Estate experts at 844-TOP-TEAM.

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